The Best Single Cup Coffee Maker Is . . .

best single cup coffee maker

Without a doubt, the best single serve coffee maker is …

… the one that’s right for YOU.

Just about any personal coffee maker has fans who rave about how great it is – and naysayers who insist it’s a waste of money. Who should you believe?

How to Find the Best Single Cup Coffee Maker

Start by becoming clear about what YOU need in a personal brewer (if you’re in a hurry, though, take a look at this machine – it’s a good choice for just about any household). Is taste the most important factor? Convenience? Cost? There are many things to consider and it pays to know which factors are important to you, and which aren’t. Otherwise, like so many people do, you can go from coffee maker to coffee maker and spend a lot of time and money before settling on the one that is YOUR best single cup coffee maker.

To help you clarify your needs in a personal brewer we’ve put together a list of questions to ask yourself. Go through the list, read all the tips and take notes of what you find important. You’ll find the article here. Then, look for a machine that meets all of your most important requirements.

You may also want to learn more about brewing methods, especially if you have picky taste buds.  With all other things being equal – the coffee, the grind, the water, and so on – coffee from every single cup coffee maker will taste a little different, especially when made from machines that use different brewing methods.  Depending on your tastes, one type of brewing method may be more likely than another to produce coffee you love. Learn more about the brewing methods most commonly employed by personal coffee machines in this article.

Not All Reviews Can Be Trusted

Another thing to look at when selecting the best single serve coffee maker is its reviews. Be careful, though. Some reviewers enjoy trashing a worthy product just for the fun of it. Others who post negative reviews genuinely have problems with the machine, but are they using and cleaning it properly? And, then there are the “ringers”, who post glowing reviews on behalf of the company to boost sales of the product.

While reviews can be a good source of information about any given product, they can also be misleading. That’s why we go out of our way to sift through all the user questions and comments about every single cup coffee maker we review, and only write a review after we’re certain we have the full, accurate picture.

You’ll find our personal coffee maker reviews here.

Another way to learn what might be the best single cup coffee maker for you is to check out personal brewers owned by your friends and family. Do they produce coffee you like? How easy are they to set up – and to clean up? Is your friend happy with it? Maybe they’ll let you brew a cup so you can see first-hand how easy it is to operate.

The Best Single Serve Coffee Maker is Only As Good As What Goes Into It

Keep in mind, however, that coffee you make in your home using a machine that’s identical to one you “test drive” somewhere else may not taste the same. The quality of the coffee, as well as the water used, both impact how the coffee tastes – and the blame for less than stellar coffee often falls on the coffeemaker itself, rather than where it belongs, with the ingredients put into it.

Pre-packaged single serve coffee packs can be fresh and robust, or stale and wimpy, depending on how they are packaged and how long they’ve been sitting on the shelf. Buy from a source that sells a lot of units of the flavors you prefer so you know the products are restocked often. Also, coffee packs that are sealed tightly and topped with foil are likely to stay fresh longer than those that aren’t.

Ground coffee can also go stale on the shelf, so, again, buy from a source that sells a lot of your favorite blend. For the freshest coffee, you might want to grind the beans yourself. Coffee connoisseurs recommend using ground coffee within a week of grinding, as coffee goes stale quickly.

How is your water? Does it have an “off” taste of any kind? If your water doesn’t taste great, then neither will your coffee. You may get your best cup of coffee using bottled or filtered water, and in fact many producers of single cup coffee makers recommend those over tap water. The temperature of the water can also affect the coffee. Refrigerated water may not reach optimal brewing temperatures, producing thin weak coffee. Room temperature water is often recommended for brewing a good cup of coffee from a single serve coffee maker.

As you can see, there are a number of factors that go into selecting the best personal brewer – and into producing top-notch coffee with it. The most important is to evaluate your needs and choose according to what’s most important to you. After all, it’s not the best single cup coffee maker unless it’s the best one for you.

Best single cup coffee maker


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