(and freshness is key!)Hi there. My name is Terry and I have a confession to make. I don’t drink coffee. I tried to develop a taste for it, as young people do, but no matter what I added to it or how it was brewed, I could never get past making a face every time I tasted it.

The only cup of coffee I recall ever enjoying was a special blend with chicory that I had in New Orleans many years ago. That was good coffee, to my tender taste buds, but at the time was not available where I lived. So I eventually gave up on coffee.

My husband, however, loves coffee, as does everyone else in my circle of family and friends. In fact, I can’t think of anyone I know who doesn’t like coffee. Consequently, I have a lot of experience with coffee, even if I don’t drink it myself.

My husband’s single cup coffee maker sits on the counter and is used every day – if not for coffee, for tea, hot chocolate, and so on. And, the “big” coffee maker comes out every time my sister and her husband stay over, as well as when other family members visit, because they all drink coffee by the gallons. So I have a lot of experience with making coffee – and with the reactions to the coffee I make.

Which reminds me of a going-away luncheon my ladies’ group once hosted for a departing member. My husband and I had just returned from Costa Rica with a sizable stash of “fresh-off-the-farm” Costa Rican coffee in hand, so I was charged with providing the coffee. What I didn’t realize at the time was how much more potent that coffee was than what the ladies were used to. It took me awhile, but I eventually realized that it was the coffee that caused the luncheon chatter and activity levels to reach an unnaturally feverish pitch. If I hadn’t known better, I would have thought these typically genteel women were all getting drunk! I’ve never been so glad to see the coffee run out as I was at that luncheon.

There are many factors that go into making the perfect cup of coffee. The coffee maker, the coffee beans, the grind (and freshness is key!), the cup or mug, whether or not you add cream, sugar or other flavors and whether or not you’re drinking it while it’s fresh. A good place to start with producing the perfect cup is with the coffee maker, which is why I created this site. As my family and friends keep reminding me, life is too short for bad coffee!

I have a lot of experience with reviewing products, digesting the fine print, hunting down answers and buying online. I also love gadgets, and can obsess for hours about what this do-hickey does, why it is or isn’t important, and why that gizmo is better than the one over there. This all translates into being able to provide excellent reviews for things like coffee makers.

TerryI also draw on the input of family and friends to ensure that I have all the coffee-specific aspects correct. Consequently, I feel confident that the reviews on CoffeeJustRight.com are the best available. If anything is missing, I hope you’ll comment and leave a question on this site or email me and let me know.

Good luck finding your perfect single cup coffee maker!


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